Operation Gothic Serpent

Operation Gothic Serpent was a military operation with a primary focus to capture Somali Warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid and members of his faction. On October 3rd1993 several high-ranking members of Aidid’s staff were the target of a capture mission.  The mission which was estimated to last no more than one hour turned into an 18-hour firefight. On that day a force of less than 200 members of Task Force Ranger held off thousands of Somali Militiamen who flooded the streets of the “Bakaara Market” district of Mogadishu.  In the end, U.S. forces lost two Black Hawk helicopters and saw over 70 soldiers wounded, and 19 men gave the ultimate sacrifice. The estimates of Somali casualties were in the hundreds. The Battle of Mogadishu turned out to be the most intense and extensive close quarters combat that U.S. troops have engaged in since the Vietnam War.