Our Story

The idea for Hooten and Young started in the winter of 2018 as former Delta Force Master Sergeant Norm Hooten sat fireside with friends under a clear sky. The stories flowed, touching on friends, family, and milestone events in life. Like many nights before,the hours seemed to pass effortlessly as the men remembered the difficult days on the battlefield and lives long lost.  The lit ends of their cigars were glowing and warm.

That night brought the memories of the past into the thoughts of the future. They realized that one of the best ways to honor those gone before was to keep their stories alive. Stories that they found easier to tell as the nights went on.

The question became how to make the most of those long nights that were taken away too quickly for others. For them it was a great cigar, a rich bourbon, or a vintage red that stretched through the night, allowing them to remember the stories of brothers in arms . They believed that the things that brought them together would do the same for others.

Born from the stories they shared, Hooten and Young was created to help people slow down, bond with the people around them, and remember those that are no longer here to remember and celebrate those that stood shoulder to shoulder in battle. Hooten and Young is an idea--a belief that anything worth doing should be done with excellence and only when done at the highest standard can it truly honor those who are expected to give nothing less. It's only then that the stories live on.